The Uncle Dolan Movie was released in 3 parts, titled acts.  The movie focuses on the Adventures storyline, and therefor involves Dolan attempting to escape the island once again.  The movie received excellent ratings on Youtube and was only faulted because of poor timing and handling with the release dates.  The movie is hailed for being retardedly funny, having excellent voice acting, and some of the best animation work the show has seen.  The difference between the show prior to the movie and the movie itself is the show was made using ONLY Windows Movie Maker, while the movie used a combination of WMM and Sony's Movie Studio Platinum 12.


Act I's introduction is a feels-trip filled package of videos that appear to be filmed by Bogs father.  The intro comes after a short scene of Bogs' mother dying, and his father holding Bogs for the first time; naming him Bogs.

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