This is Part 1.

Plot/Prologue Edit

Creeper and Silverfish walk on the streets until Dolan takes Silverfish away. Then Creeper finds a way to get Silverfish back.

Legs Ride Edit

Creeper rides Legs for 10 miles until Legs bucks Creeper off. The game gets Game Over'd and ends.

Drive The Car Edit

Creeper chases Dolan while Creeper drives a car. Then the Police Endermite comes to get Creeper. Will Creeper pick a plan to get rid of that Endermite?

All-Star Party Trick Edit

Creeper plays All-Star Party and took control of Sonic. Then the Police Endermite scares Creeper and the game ends with a Game Over: Police Ending.

Creeper Scare Edit

Creeper scares the Police Endermite and continues driving until he gets stuck in oil.

Plans to get rid of the oil Edit

Call the Glorp Corp! Edit

Creeper calls the 2015 Glorp Corp if they can clean the oil. Then Chomly bites Creeper's head off, resulting in a Game Over: Fang Gang Ending.

Oil Clean Edit

Creeper cleans the oil and continues driving.

Other things Edit

Creeper drives to the Dimension Portal and picks a dimension (other dimensions are absent in this wiki, because they cause failures).

All-Star Dimension Edit

Creeper starts off inside his car and drives to All-Star World, a colorful world, but with Baldi in this version. Then Creeper races against the others: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Dafty, and Shadow. Then Creeper goes to 1st place and gets faster, but the main 4 racers (from All-Star Brawl) show up. Creeper stays in 1st place and touches a mushroom. After that, he picks an option.

How to get past the 4 main All-Star Franchise characters Edit

Creeper tries to get past them, so his used bomb appears, used on Dafty. Dafty loses and gets last place. Creeper continues racing until he suddenly gets his car exploded by the evil Dolan. The part ends.