Animal Kind:

Hueman Spoder (kind of)




Used to sav teh wourld, then he turnd evl, but turnd good agayn


Venum (possibly)


Dolan, Gooby, Morky, Bogs, Venum


Dolan(episude 8- 14), Gooby(1-14), Slonderman

First Appearance:

Episude 1 - gooby pls

Favorite Phrase:

wats dat tingly felin? mus be notin.

Spoderman is oun of teh recurring karacturs of The Uncle Dolan Show, wich meens dis karactur apears in certern episuds so it cun halp on da shows mein story. Spoderman sturts off as a gud guy in teh Farst Episude but den he gets a durk tern and begens to be enemis wit Dolan und anyoun els in Episud 8 of teh show wen Bogs givs berth to him. Howevr, he trns bak good in Episude 14 - Dis is it... and starts his own show, Spoderman Plays Games.


  • In Episude 18 it is discuvered dat Spoderman likes World Of Warcraft.
  • In Episude 13 it is discovered Darth Pruto took Spoderman's spaceship and kiled Dolan's parens. Dis is why Dolan wantad Gooby to kil Spoderman. Dis is also wy Spoderman turnes good agin, because he didnt now why Dolan wanted to kil him in Episude 1, so he pities him.
  • Spoderman now has his own show on TheUncleDolanShow's channel, called Spoderman Plays Games.
  • ...which is why he doesn't want to help with Dolan's theme park in Episude 17. "dolan, i hav my own fukn show nao. im a silibrity. y wuld i help u bild an amuzmint park?"
  • Spoderman's bes frenz wit Bogs.
  • Spoderman is fat.


Episude 1 - gooby pls

Episude 5 - gooby ded

Episude 8 - Saytenic Rishul

Episude 9 - Fur Dais

Episude 13 - Teh Troof (voice)

Episude 14 - Dis is it...

Episude 17 - dolan's theme park

Episude 18 - Bogs ded

Episude 19 - insid Bogs hed

Episude 20 - DolanTown destruyd

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