Characters in this Episude Edit

  1. Dolan (main)
  2. Gooby (recurring)
  3. Morky Maus (minor)
  4. Bogs (supporting)
  5. Dafty (No Lines)
  6. ALMO (debut)
  7. SACKBEH (Only Appearance)

Trivia Edit

  1. Only appearance of SACKBEH.
  2. This marks the debut of ALMO.
  3. Dafty has no lines.
  4. Bogs is supporting.
  5. Morky is minor.
  6. Gooby is recurring.
  7. Dolan is the main character.
  8. ALMO does not make an appearance again until Dolan And Friends is BACK.

Goofs/Errors Edit

  1. When SACKBEH comes, Dafty shows.
  2. When ALMO comes, Bogs shows.