List Edit

User Strikes Reason for block Year joined
Tyrone The Moose The Stealer 10 Swearing in the details on 2018
Uniqua The Ant The Stealer 10 Said the "N" word to MYBN 2018
Tasha The Hippopotamus The Stealer 10 Vandalized the article "Teslo" on the Mixels Wiki 2018
Kroder And Friends UTTP 10 Joined on Scratch Jr. as "The Creepy", still named "Kroder And Friends UTTP" on YouTube 2018
Galadhanu 10 Said "I'm a party pooper too! I always poop in the punch bowl!" on the Mixels Wiki 2017
ANTIMIXELS 10 Said that Mixels is for babies on the Mixels Wiki 2015
Igor Sampaio 10 Was cursing and harassing users on the Mixels Wiki 2015
Peppa Pig UTTP 10 Said swear words so many times, returns so many times, she should be forever banned 2016
CHOMLY AND JAWG UTTP 10 Vandalized 2 Infernite articles on the Mixels Wiki 2016
Leafuck 10 Added the "SEISMO Boos Fight" image to the Mixels Wiki article "Seismo" 2018
YuckyManStealer 10 Had swearing on his username on this wiki 2018