By 2015, a series called HVV: GE started. This series is a comedy and drama genre series only airing in Canada.

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The Competitors Edit

The main characters of HVV: GE.

Dolan and Gooby Edit

The hosts and 2nd main characters of HVV: GE.

King Barney Edit

The main antagonist of HVV: GE. When a contestant is eliminated, he tries to catch him/her, but fails. He is defeated in the 2nd reboot. The new main antagonists, in the 3rd reboot, will be Pablo The Penguin Stealer UTTP, Pruto and his Alien Prutos.

Trivia Edit

  • The characters are the same in the 1st and 2nd reboots.
  • The 3rd Reboot featured Pruto, the Alien Prutos, Sonic, Tails, and PTPSUTTP.
  • This is a Total Drama All-Stars ripoff as revealed by its release.

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The Contestants.


The 1st host.


The 2nd host.

King Barney

The main villain of the original HVV: GE and its 1st and 2nd reboots.