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Season 1 (1969-1970) Edit

Debuts of: Episode Episode number Plot Air Date
All 9 main characters 1969 preview one 001 The main character welcomes you to HVV and shows you a few more main characters. November 10, 1969
All the enemies 1969 preview two 002 The main character explains you HVV's first ever enemy characters. November 14, 1969
N/A 1969 preview three 003 The main character explains you some of HVV's first ever locations! November 19, 1969
N/A 1969 preview four 004 The first battle begins! November 25, 1969
Spook, Spock, and Boog 1969 preview five 005 The first named enemy, a ghost, called Spook, makes a fake HVV opening from 1946 on Disney. But Spook got grounded by Spock and Boog at the end. November 30, 1969
N/A Spook's getaway 006 The teams are formed as "HH", "LL", and "NN". Also, they try to catch Spook until he says "Goodbye" and disappears. December 3, 1969
N/A Goodbye to 1969 007 The main characters welcome you to 1970 and celebrate their 1st anniversary. January 1, 1970
N/A Spook is RETURNING... 008 The 2nd main character shows you bad news about Spook. January 5, 1970
N/A The Big Spook 009 Spook has drinked a grow potion in his house to get out for 40 miles and grow huge! Will someone stop this? January 16, 1970
Spockow Spockow 010 Spockow debuts when Spook finally sees him for the first time. January 23, 1970
N/A Door to Door 011 Spook and Spockow go door to door until they find the green door with a main character. January 27, 1970
N/A What The Beep 012 The beeping begins with Spook and Spockow finding the wrong hut to live in! Will they find the correct one! January 30, 1970
Spocko Time Machine 013 Spook and Spockow meet Spocko and do the "Time Machine" song. Can you do it too? Go in the time machine, no one knows where you will go! February 3, 1970
An unnamed bird Pixelated 014 Spook, Spockow, and Spocko go pixelated and find a bird failing their pixilation! Will they learn to get it back by Spock and Boog? February 7, 1970
Dig and Diggy A Big Nut 015 A squirrel named Dig finds a big nut and collects it, but a bigger squirrel named Diggy, can pick it up! February 13, 1970
Pecks, Pecky, Pecker Pecks 016 Pecks, Pecky, and Pecker find a log and peck on it until they fall down a hole and find Spook, Spockow, and Spocko! February 19, 1970

Season 2 (February-April 1970) Edit

Debuts of: Episode Episode Number Plot Air Date
Yellow (previously unnamed) Red and White 017 Pecks, Pecky, Pecker, Spook, Spockow, and Spocko name the unnamed bird Yellow and do the "Red and White" song all together. February 23, 1970
Prototype Dolan and Sanic The First Prototypes 018 The prototypes of HVV debut and say "We are the first HVV prototypes!" until Spook shuts their mouths with an air horn. February 29, 1970
Chicks The Elevator 019 Spook, Spockow, and Spocko find an elevator and sing the "Elevator Goes Up And Down" song until they get up to the 8th floor and meet Chicks. March 3, 1970
Chick-a-Small 8th Floor 020 Pecks, Pecky, and Pecker noticed the main characters returned but only the main 3 returned. Anyways, Pecks, Pecky, Pecker, Spook, Spocko, Spockow, Chicks, and Chick-a-Small do the "8th Floor Fun" song until the 3 main characters close the mouth of Spocko. March 6, 1970
Chick-a-Biggy Outside Of The House 021 Chick-a-Biggy welcomes you to the show and says "Hi" to his friends until a main character closes Chick-a-Small's eyes. Be careful when someone closes your eyes. March 14, 1970
Polandball The Annual Event 022 Polandball introduces himself to the show and meets Spook and his friends (except Chicks) and starts the March 17 Annual Event until it is interrupted by the main HVV characters. March 17, 1970
Germanyball The Defection (looking for the one of the same name?) 023 Germanyball introduces himself and teams with Polandball, and now Proto-Dolan and Proto-Sanic are changing from good to bad. Can the two countryballs win? March 23, 1970
Franceball, Italyball, Hungaryball, Bulgariaball The New Characters 024 The new characters are explained by Polandball and then introduced to HVV. March 26, 1970
N/A A Popular Series 025 Germanyball has good news about HVV getting popular. April 3, 1970
The Group (HVV) Watch Out! 026 Spock and Boog's last day was going on a walk until they see the Group. Note that this is the first episode to include an "!" at the end of an episode's name. April 6, 1970
N/A The Return of Chicks 027 Chicks returns to HVV and battles PB and GB until they win. April 13, 1970

Season 3 (September-November 1970) Edit

  1. Debut of Irelandball
  2. Ignoring the Rust (debut: Rusty The Mud Puddle)
  3. Something to Say
  4. Goodbye Spook and Friends!
  5. Making a Difference
  6. Defeating Rusty
  7. Defeating The Group
  9. Debut of Reichtangle
  10. Debut of Swedenball
  11. Bork!
  12. Debut of Proto-Pruto
  13. Opinionator
  14. Collector
  15. Family Friendly
  16. And One More Season 3 Episode

Season 4 (December 1970-January 1971) Edit

  1. Debut of Israelcube
  2. The First Race
  3. Defeat Proto-Dolan and Proto-Sanic
  4. 2nd Anniversary
  5. Debut of Tringapore
  6. Polandball's New Look
  7. Upgrade Tutorial
  8. Polandball meets Icelandball
  9. Training of the new Countryball, Icelandball
  10. Explosion
  11. Pull The Lever
  12. Polandball Drawing Contest (last appearance of Chicks)
  13. Something to Say to You
  14. Good News
  15. Polandball's Biggest Jump
  16. Look At That!

Season 5 (February 1971 - August 1971) Edit

  1. Israelcube's Stacking of Bricks
  2. Debut of Tringapore
  3. 1971 preview one
  4. 1971 preview two
  5. 1971 final preview
  6. AreYouThere.avi
  7. Running in the '70s (Parody of Running in the '90s)
  8. The First Rasta-Race EVER.
  9. New Teams
  10. PPTS (Based off of PTPTS' short form)
  11. Chicks Revives...
  12. Defeating Chicks One More Time
  13. Opinions Changed (1: HVV will remove Spook and Friends permanently, 2: The HVV team now likes AreYouThere.avi, neutral to it before)
  14. Runner-Balls!
  15. What Is This?
  16. Windows 1000 BCE (Based off of an nonexistent Windows version)
  17. What Was 3000 Years Ago? (Answer on Wikipedia)
  18. Pingy Pingy will debut on HVV...
  19. Pingy Pingy debuted on HVV...
  20. Commenting to Pingy Pingy
  21. What Are Comments To People? (main character: Polandball)
  22. One Way Out Of Pingy Pingy's House
  23. TNT Boxes
  24. Escaping Pingy Pingy
  25. Defeat Pingy Pingy

Season 6 (June 1971 - January 1972) Edit

  1. TNT Boxes 2
  2. Sanic is Born...
  3. Who is Polandball?
  4. Who is Israelcube?
  5. TNT Boxes 3
  6. Runner-Balls 2
  7. What are TNT Boxes?
  8. TNT Boxes 4: The Final TNT
  9. Runner-Balls 3
  10. Who is Icelandball?
  11. Who are the Runner-Balls?
  12. Runner-Balls 4: Fastest Laps
  13. 100 Times A Day
  14. Last Episode Of Season 6

Season 7 (1972 - 1973) Edit

  1. Polandball vs Israelcube - Who is Better?
  2. Debut of Greenlandball
  3. Who is Greenlandball?
  4. Runner-Balls 5: The Final Phase
  5. Mob Debuts
  6. 200 Times A Day!
  7. At Night Time, They Speak.
  8. Chapter I
  9. Greenlandball vs Icelandball - Who is Better?
  10. Polandball's Guiding 1
  11. Russiaball Debuts