Dis is Episud 6 it iz kunsiderd wun of teh best fillers, nd involvs wun lien(picshurd to teh ryt) dat is almost as famus as "Wuts dat tingly felin".


Dis is teh sekund episud involven Bogs and teh furst involven Dafty. It iz kind uv a filur episud but it duz haev a few kee plot poynts. Et starts out wit jus Bogs nd Dafty takin wen Dolan comes in and trys to get Gooby in truble fur steelin Bogs carut, a carut dat he nevur even had. Wen Dafty admets to bein teh troo theef Dolan kils him. Sins Bogs is prity hunger he enz up takin a byt out uv Gooby . Teh episud ens witout any REEL advensmint uv teh storylien.



  • Dis is teh furst episud dat has Dafty , a Secondary Character .
  • Dis is teh episud wen ppl startid to fal in luv wit Bogs.
  • Bogs has nevur ben seen wit a carut, yet he says day r his favrit food.
  • Dafty has no noes.
  • Dafty has ben shuvin Bogs caruts up his asz sins five yers old.